Behind the Music

Artist Bio

Kelsey Blackstone is a singer-songwriter on a mission: to spread empowerment and inspiration through music. Kelsey also strives to encourage positive social change and has won awards and honors from the United Nations and the Berklee College of Music for her work in this area. Kelsey is a co-founder of a new non-profit, Hug The Tree Inc., which gives a voice & platform to Boston musicians and artists while raising money for charitable local causes. 

Kelsey has been praised by local radio stations and publications such as The Boston Hassle, WRBB, Section36 Music, Send Me Your Ears, YMX, WERS and more for her powerful songwriting and diverse sound. 

She has performed in many venues across New England--including Boston's Symphony Hall--and graduated from the Berklee College of Music in the summer of 2021. She studied songwriting and music production, music business and entrepreneurship, and performance. 

In each song, Kelsey creates unique soundscapes that beckon to the musical styles of the 60s and 70s, along with contemporary timbres that fit her into today’s world. Kelsey's music is where Dave Matthews meets The Eagles meets Amy Winehouse: powerful lead vocals, lush backgrounds, multi-genre influences, and lots of improvisation. She is also a multi-instrumentalist, and has had many years of extensive training in voice, piano and cello. Whether she's singing solo with her piano or with her 6-piece band, her shows are passionate, energetic, and fun.

Kelsey is inspired by music's ability to unite people, and strives to spread that feeling of community within each of her performances: helping people find joy, passion and purpose. She looks forward to building this community little by little, from Boston to beyond.